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24 therapies in 4 years.

Still naively sure there was simple answer; I headed back to my GP. She recommended me to the local pain clinic for treatment of scar tissue and nerve damage. If only it had been that simple.

I have tried the following to end this pain:  Steroid shots into my rib cage, neurological medications, anti-depressants, heating pads, a tens unit, bio-feed back, gluten free, caffeine free, alcohol free diets, chiropractic, acupuncture, ERCP for SOD 3, gas-ex, fiber, birth control pills, yoga, yogurt, therapy, weigh loss, meditation, a standing desk, every pain med on the market, patches, physical therapy and osteopathy.

Every time a  method fails I suffer the pain of a break-up; You were suppose to be the one who would fill this void, but you’re useless like all the rest. I have never had the heart to completely give up, I have, however, had plenty of Docs give up on me.  They just plain run out of ideas and either apologize or tell me I’m crazy. I make them feel inept.

The constants for me in the last two years have been vicodin and fentanyl patches. In combination, at fairly low dose I can keep things at a dull roar. Its like having a headache in your ribcage, all day, everyday. If I took the meds it would require to take the pain out completely, I would lose my life drooling in bed.

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