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Baby Shower Hangover

I have a baby shower hangover. One would think that at my age, and with this particular pregnancy, I would be a bit cynical when it comes to balloons and pink cake.  I have certainly spend my fair share of time in a living room, full of someone’s relatives, ooohing and ahhhing over the softest blue blanket you’ve ever laid hands on. There is a loveliness to it, only as fun as a party without wine can be.

Maybe it is because I never thought I would be the center of one of these baby-fests again, or because it has been six years since I last walked this pregnant path, that this week of baby showers has been all the sweeter for me. No matter the circumstance, I’ve never really understood why we don’t often have parties for second or third babies. Maybe it has something to do with already having all the baby gear we can fit in our homes, but isn’t there something beyond the gifts?

There was for me, especially this time around. Sitting here now, in my post-cupcake sugar coma and exhausted from two shower nights in a row, I feel loved. Might sound silly, but how often do we actually feel that way in life? I parked myself  in a room full of the people I most care for in this world and celebrated this one moment in time. They anticipated this little girl with me, brought their stories and hard earned advice. Looking at them reminded me of who I’ve been, where I’ve come from and what my baby has to look forward to. Throw in chocolate cherry truffles + every little pink outfit known to man, and you have a night worth its weight in the sweet stuff life has to share.

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