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Fighting to stay in the 54%

I have been fighting to remain at work fulltime despite the last 6 years of chronic pain and illness. I’ve managed to stay off of disability thus far, so I guess that puts me in the 54%? I cried the day ObamaCare was signed. It actually means the world to me.

As hard as I struggle to stay at my desk everyday, I will to come to a wall at some point; a time when I can no longer bear the traditional work day. I imagine that I might start my own consulting firm (small business), a job that would allow me to work flexible hours, from more comfortable positions. The key to my ability to remain viable in the workplace is ObamaCare. Without it, my pre-existing-condition-self will not be able to get health insurance. Without it, I will hit the disability rolls far sooner than I care to.

ObamaCare isn’t just some program that the politicos debate over, it means the world to me. This final week of the political season, I hope that we all can take a minute away from the score-keeping craziness of the 24-hour news cycle to consider the people these programs will actually affect. In the end, it isn’t an ideological game to be won, it will mean something to my future, to my family’s future and to yours. Use your voice to vote for all of us on Tuesday.

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