Phantom Gallbladder

My daughter decided we were done breastfeeding at 10 months, about the time I was ready to throw the pump out my office window. She and I make a very good team. Within a few weeks I started having phantom gallbladder pain. I say phantom because the actual gallbladder had been removed 3 years previous –  to end this same gnawing pain. Imagine my surprise.

I ran back to the surgeon who filled me with barium, chalky drink of the devil, and snapped images from every machine known to modern medicine. He then brilliantly concluded there was nothing wrong with me and sent me home crying with a bottle of vicodin.

The pain quickly became a daily occurrence, staring at 10am and running straight through to bed. At first I tried to catch extra rest, take a day or two off, be good to my body. But really, what working mother has time for that. I was realizing quickly that this was not the mommy time I imagined for my infant. I did what I needed to do, to be the mom I needed to be. You would have never guessed that I took pain killers with my morning coffee.


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